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Shifting Your Reality and Healing Your Life

Most of the healing processes I’ve learned and taught over the past twenty years were a form of spiritual psychology and while these processes are still valid, especially for people just starting to awaken from the prison of their egoic world, I no longer use these methods myself.

Since I have embraced the concept that everything is energy, I now not only feel the energy which is the life of who I am within me, but I can also feel the difference between my normal vibration and how I feel when I bring an energy in that doesn’t support or enhance it.

About thirty-five years ago, it occurred to me one day that what I was doing in my life with foods, drinks, sunlight, etc. was in many ways a sort of experiment. I didn’t always think of that way of course, but usually only when the “experiment” went awry, would the thought come up of…”Well, that experiment didn’t work very well.”

Thirty-five years later, I realize it’s all been an experiment in energy and now in any interaction, I view the results of what is happening in my life from the perspective of an energy experiment. If I bring alcohol into my life, I am decreasing my vibration and as I wrote about a week or two ago, I experienced the consequences of that. If I meditate and focus on feeling peace, gratitude or freedom, increasingly I see more rapid reflections of this energy.

Instead of perceiving my life through the eyes of psychology, I now perceive it through the lens of energy and in doing so, I am able to take full responsibility for everything I have ever created in my life. It has also given me the realization that everyone else is responsible for their own experience as well.

Because one of the roles I took on early in childhood was that of the “family scapegoat,” I unconsciously took responsibility for how everyone else felt. This pattern carried over into my relationships at work and especially in my romantic and marital relationships. When I was in my twenties, instead of having those difficult conversations, I just ghosted people. The ones who got angry enough about that to say something actually gave my mind more evidence of why I avoided the conversation in the first place…because I knew they would blame their feelings on me.

Through the spiritual psychology practices, l learned about boundaries and practiced defending mine better, although I still felt afraid when I did it.

I have noticed lately that I am no longer afraid to defend my boundaries and not simply be the scapegoat for how other people feel. An example is that last week, my wife shared how she was feeling in response to my past behaviors. I told her that while I am perfectly willing to take responsibility for my behavior and my own feelings, I will not and cannot be responsible for hers. To do so, would be to deny the powerful and creative being that she is. She has to be responsible for her own perceptions, her own feelings and her own experience in our relationship. The only thing I can do is give her the safe space to come to terms with her power, just as she has been doing for me.

If I had still been stuck in my past vibration, I would not have been able to have this conversation. I would not have felt safe enough to have it.

She accepted my response…partly because she knew it to be true and partly because of the compassion with which I delivered the message. She also has studied the same kinds of information I have for many years and there really wasn’t anything I was telling her that she didn’t know and hasn’t told me at some point.

But my shift forward in feeling comfortable enough to have this conversation in the first place came from shifting my vibration up a whole new level over the past couple of weeks. As I’ve shared before, I usually meditate using some of the Dr. Joe Dispenza meditations. Lately, my wife and I have been using very similar meditations by Dr. Claudia Thompson from her Awakening Meditation series and while it is essentially the same information, there’s something about them that is shifting me higher. Her series requires a purchase, but it’s a pretty modest investment.

A short, free and very powerful meditation is by Aaron Doughty available on YouTube for shifting your vibration into what he calls a parallel reality. Every time I do this meditation, I experience a noticeable shift forward.

While it can feel daunting to take responsibility for your entire life, it is the only way to claim the power you hold. As long as you believe others are responsible for the way you feel or the way your life has turned out, you are denying the power you have as a Divine being. This power is not limited to some people. We all have it and if you are reading these words, this is a pretty strong message from the Universe that you also have this power and it’s time to claim it!

Once you fully accept that you and you alone are responsible for your life, it frees you to make different choices without regard for how others feel. This can be especially important for many young adults who choose professions that their parents would approve of instead of following the inner urges of their soul.

Once you accept that you are responsible for your perception of life and others are responsible for their perception, you are free. And if you can use meditation to shift your vibration high enough to handle those conversations when they arise, you also will be able to come from a place of self-respect while communicating with love and compassion for others. You are not in this world to please anyone else. Follow your heart and your dreams.

(I honestly don’t know where the above message about parents encouraging their children’s professions came from. It appeared suddenly in my consciousness, so if it means something to you, please DM me.)

When you focus on your dreams with the vibration of already having them, you are creating an energy portal for them to come to you. Be careful about the resistance of the mind which will start to focus on wanting to know how it will happen, or telling you it’s not realistic or a thousand other excuses why it won’t work. I also caution you not to share your dreams with others who are not at a vibration capable of supporting your new dreams because they will most likely reflect the doubts of your mind and it will keep you stuck where you are instead of being able to move more quickly into your new reality.

Open your journal and write out what your new reality looks, sounds and feels like and read it often enough that when you meditate, this vision comes easily to you. This will make the most of your time in meditation so that you’re not spending this time trying to develop a vision.

As Napoleon Hill shared with us over eighty-five years ago, “You can create anything you can imagine and believe.”

Now we have the information to take that wisdom to a whole new level by first becoming the vibration of your dream to give it an energetic path into your reality.




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