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Path to Peace

Learn self-mastery tools for more empowerment, love, creativity, and peace


Read: A Path to Peace

This book provides a blueprint for those who are feeling stuck and have a longing for more peace in their lives.  Whether you are someone experiencing difficulties in areas of life like health, relationship, career and beyond or are simply tired of constant feelings of anger, frustration and stress, A Path to Peace was written to help you understand how to heal these areas of your life.

"I’ve become much more self aware of my behaviors and words. The questions asked at the end of chapters were helpful to better understand my feelings and take a step back and observe myself in the mirror. Thank you Jeff!" - Alex E.

Why Choose Spiritual Coaching?

"My role as your Coach is to help you recognize what you already know and then work with you to create permanent transformation in the areas we identify as your primary motivations for change." - Jeffrey Scholl

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How Sessions Change Lives


As you heal from the inside out, because you are connected to everything else, you help the planet heal.


Providing you with a set of tools enabling you to create the life you want


The understanding of why your life has unfolded the way it has

Writings of Peace

Learn With Us

Learn and practice with our videos that include valuable teachings

Powerful Success Story

"During a very difficult time in our life, we were faced with the fact that we weren’t able to have kids naturally. Jeff helped us transition to a place of gratitude and envisioned what we wanted to create. We have 2 kids now and I truly believe it’s thanks to Jeff who helped us shift our mind and beliefs to help create what we wanted in life…after all, we are all energy."

- Raina G.

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