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Rarity Massage – Brittney Purnell

Phrase on the wall in Brittney’s massage therapy room

This past Friday, I visited the Rarity Massage in Euless, TX with therapist Brittney Purnell. I explained the concept of my massage journey this year before we started and gained her consent to write about the experience afterwards.

I will say this to start. She made it very difficult for me to consider continuing my journey past her. I don’t rank my massages or therapists anymore because I’ve had so many good ones, but this was certainly one of the best experiences I’ve had.

The massage itself was what I would consider a Swedish massage which is the most common technique, but this massage was anything but routine.

The first massage I ever received was in 1993 and lasted an hour long. When the therapist finished, she said I could lay there for about ten minutes before getting dressed. I laid there for a moment, closed my eyes and then heard a tap at the door asking me if I was going to get dressed. I asked if it had been ten minutes and the therapist said, “No, it’s been an hour.”

I was embarrassed and dressed quickly, because I knew I had gone to sleep.

I mention this story because Brittney put me to sleep within the first 30 minutes and while it’s not all that uncommon for me to drift off towards the end of the massage, she’s the first one to ever put me to sleep in the first 30 minutes.

Brittney said she’s only been massaging for 4 years and that’s amazing in and of itself, given the maturity of her technique. All therapists use both hands when they massage, but the way she uses both to stretch the muscles felt wonderful and she also uses her thumbs quite a bit, which many people do not do.

There was one technique she did when I was on my back where she ran her entire arm underneath my back which massaged the entire length of muscles adjacent to my spine. I told her she should call that her “heaven stroke.” The only thing I would change about the massage is to fit a few more of those into the session next time.

She included some gentle stretching in the session. I have a tear in my left shoulder from my time in the Navy and usually even when I tell some therapists about it, they still tend to stretch me in a way that hurts more than I want and I have to say something to get them to be more gentle with it.

Before she started to stretch my left arm and shoulder, I mentioned it and she said, “I noticed that earlier. I can feel the difference in this side.” As she had only massaged me when I was on my back earlier, I couldn’t figure out how she noticed that, when no one else ever had.

No one had ever been that in tune with my body that quickly and somehow, she was able to stretch that shoulder further than I expected and not hurt me at all.

I booked the 90-minute massage, which at $110 is very reasonable given her skillset. I told her she probably doesn’t charge enough for her abilities, but she said that it’s not just about the money. She loves what she does and cares genuinely about her clients.

I have had many routine massages over the years where this was not the case, so if you live in or around the Euless area, I highly recommend Brittney’s services. I am somewhat hoping that the next time I go to book her, I have to do so further in advance because she’s so busy.

She certainly deserves it.

Brittney’s massage therapy room is in the Sola Salon Studios, Suite 200 (2nd floor) in Spa # 3. There is a Spa section with a door that leads to the Spa rooms. You take a left U-Turn off the elevator and look for the Spa section off to the left about halfway down the main passageway. This is good to know if you’re visiting her for the first time and running a bit late.

Fortunately, I was early because I ended up roaming around on the second floor and seeing all of the hair salon suites up there because I didn’t know where I was going.

If nothing else, even after my journey ends this year, Brittney Purnell will be one of the key healers in my regular cycle as I often rotate through therapists who have different skillsets depending on what my body needs at the time.

She has a delightful personality and I likely had her talk more than she normally does because I was somewhat doing an interview and wanted to be able to experience both her technique and her personality.

I came away thinking that she is a rare find as a therapist and she must have been inspired to name her practice this way.

Here is the link to her website: Rarity Massage.

I hope you book with her and enjoy her gifts as much as I did!



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