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An Important Step to Reclaim Your Power

One of the benefits I’ve received from meditation is that I can feel my power within me. Even though this concept was first presented to me over thirty years ago, I have only been able to feel my power coursing through me in the last couple of years.

For me to be able to feel it, I first had to strip away all that was weighing me down. For many years, I felt power-less. I heard what my spiritual teachers were telling me and while a part of me believed it to be true, I could not understand why I could not feel it. I could not understand why I continued to suffer if I really was capable of co-creating my life with God/Source/The Universe.

It is normal then to fall into ego defenses and think that you aren’t getting the life you want because someone “else” is keeping you from getting it. This is a very common belief and if we look out at our political landscape from this perspective, you can see that many people who have this belief have been preyed upon by others who use that inherent rationalization to control and manipulate them.

There are others who retreat into self-isolation and shut out the world because it’s the only way they know to keep themselves safe.

And there are many, many more who are functioning in this world to the best of their ability, but don’t understand how to create their lives in a way that feels good and how to influence those who seemingly are tearing away at the fabric of our society.

The simple answer is that you don’t fix someone else…ever. You don’t heal them. You heal you and because we are all connected, when you heal you, that connection influence others through your vibration automatically.

This does not mean that when you heal, the people who are most closely connected to will also heal. I used to think this and it did not turn out that way. Actually, what happened is that those who did not want to heal, who wanted to stay in the “blame, shame, victim game” actually blamed me because I changed. This is normal. It is a function of the mind to create yet another ego defense to explain why they no longer feel comfortable being around you.

Your vibration will change. It will rise and the people you have been communicating with on a certain frequency will be so different, it will be like trying to get an AM radio station on the FM dial. Since they cannot rise to your vibration, you would have to lower yours to make a connection that even feels like it once did.

But once you grow, once you’ve spent any amount of time at that higher vibration, you can’t stay at those lower frequencies for long without getting even more uncomfortable than when you were inspired to grow in the first place. It’s normal in fact to become resentful of the people who won’t grow with you.

You have to leave them behind if they won’t grow with you. You can’t sit on the fence and have one leg in your new life and one in the old for very long. You have to move forward into your new life, even if it’s scary to do so. You have to have faith that it will all work out. For you to step into your own power, you have to let go of the connections weighing you down.

It’s important to recognize that the only thing that holds a memory in place is an emotion. When we hold onto negative emotions, they weigh us down and rob us of the power we could be using to create our lives in ways that feel good. The first step to healing our negative emotions is to become aware of who we are connected to and what those negative memories are that are weighing us down without our conscious awareness of them.

Let’s use that same exercise I wrote about last week where I had you map out what activities were empowering or disempowering you. This time though, let’s create a map where you think about everyone you are connected to either now or in the past. For the purpose of this exercise, I encourage you to only put the names of at most 3 people. Once you learn the process that I am writing about through this series, you will be able to apply the same process to others in your life.

1.       In the center of a piece of paper, draw a circle and put your name in the center of that circle.

2.       For anyone you have any negative emotion tied to either now or in the past, write their name in a circle.

3.       Draw a line from your circle to theirs.

4.       For each of the lines, write a number on a scale from 1-10 for how much negative emotion you have tied to them, with 10 being the most and 1 being the least.

5.       Make a commitment to practice feeling the emotions tied to just one of these people this week. You may want to use one of the many Emotional Healing meditations on YouTube to learn how to feel these emotions in a safe space.

When you first start feeling the emotions tied to the people for whom you have the most negative emotions, it can feel like your hand is nearing a hot stove. It’s normal for your mind to distract you and pull back from feeling those feelings. I’m not asking you to reach out and force your mind to focus on the stove itself. Focus on feeling as much of the “heat” of the emotion as you can handle and just BE in it.

Because most people were not taught how to process their emotions, their mind created beliefs and distractions to move away from the pain. If your mind distracts you with other things, just make a mental note of this. The more you can become conscious of how your mind distracts you from processing your emotions, the easier it will be to overcome those tendencies and turn your focus back to healing the emotion itself.

As you learn to process your emotions by leaning into the physical sensation they create in your body, breathing into that and exhaling out those feelings, you will start to heal.

Everything I am teaching you is a gentle way to heal. Once you heal the outer layers of these emotions, you will gain confidence and courage to face the denser and more painful emotions. You will have a process you can apply to any emotion, be it anger or fear and once you practice this method enough times, you will realize nothing can stop you from healing.

This is Empowerment and once you start to feel empowered even a little bit, your life will begin to unfold in ways you cannot even imagine.

Commit to practicing what you are learning and start witnessing the miracles that result.



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Jeff Scholl is a Certified Spiritual Life Coach through Holistic Learning Centers and a Board-Certified Holistic Health Practitioner through the American Association of Drugless Practitioners.


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