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Real Transformation Stories

Thank you to all for choosing your Path to Peace.... 

Rainu's Gratitude

"During a very difficult time in our life about 14 years ago, we were faced with the fact that we weren’t able to have kids naturally. For 6 years of frustration and helplessness, we then started seeking the help of medical professionals. We just couldn’t understand why we weren’t able to have kids.


Around that time, we started attending a study group with a few friends and met Jeff Scholl who guided our meetings. We read several books by Dr. Wayne Dyer, Eckhart Tolle and other authors combined with discussions on how to shift our mindset. Jeff helped us transition to a place of gratitude and envisioned what we wanted to create. Putting the energy out to the universe is a concept and awareness that Jeff helped us have. Soon after, I became pregnant and eventually had my daughter who just turned 14. We have 2 kids now and I truly believe it’s thanks to Jeff who helped us shift our mind and beliefs to help create what we wanted in life…after all, we are all energy."

- Rainu G.

Faye's Healing

"Jeff coached me through healing my relationship with my mom. As a result, I was able to recover from a health crisis, mend my relationship with my mom and reconnect with my step son. I have even seen the effects trickle over into the lives of my closest family members because they saw how much I had changed for the better. I am eternally grateful for Jeff."

- Faye

Your Story Could Be Here!

From point A to point B, I hope to guide you through your spiritual transformation. Book a Session to start.

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