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A Continuous Improvement Resolution

Like many other people, I use the time between Christmas and New Years to come up with grand plans for what I will accomplish in the New Year. The mistake I’ve made for many years is that I felt separate from my achievement and focused on the work I had to do in order to achieve it.

I know now that when I didn’t meet my target it was because, from a metaphysical perspective, I didn’t align my vibration with having achieved my goal. While I had great optimism at the beginning, it faded when obstacles appeared in my path which derailed my efforts. My optimism would turn first to frustration and my mind would come up with all the excuses for why I didn’t reach my objective.

If I let my vibration/emotions get low I blamed other people and if I let it go even lower, I blamed myself and would sink into feelings of powerlessness.

When we approach our goals primarily from the perspective of what we are doing vs. what we are being, the “doing” part feels much more difficult.

Last year, I embraced meditation on a much more consistent basis than I ever had in my life. Meditation became something I didn’t just use to calm my mind or lower stress. It became a way for me to raise my frequency to a level I hadn’t experienced before. It helped me understand something I’d know conceptually for many years and be able to experience that when I am operating at higher frequencies, I am able to connect to ideas and inspiration that are simply not available at the lower frequencies.

I have described this before as being unable to tune to FM radio stations if you are on the AM frequency band.

You may be living a life now you once dreamed of as your highest potential. But as long as we are alive, we are ever growing and evolving.

You know it’s time to grow when the things you used to love to do, no longer feel joyful or exciting to you. But if you have not raised your frequency above the level you’re living, your dreams may feel unrealistic to you. If you have been living at your present vibration for too long, you may not even be able to see a higher potential than where you are.

Neither of these are a reality beyond what you believe it to be. What I mean by that is while you may be in a place where you can’t see what your next step would be, all you have to do is believe that there is a new dream, a new possibility available for you.

If you focus first on raising your vibration instead of feeling frustrated that you can’t see your next step, that shift alone will move you in a different direction.

Make your goal this year to focus on your vibration and to raise it higher than you’ve ever been before.

As I noted in my book, “A Path to Peace: A Reluctant Spiritual Journey,” it helps to keep a journal of your thoughts and feelings. Track where you are on the Emotional Energy chart I provide in the Introduction of my book.

Make your goal to be one of continuous improvement. One way to do this is by giving each emotion a number ranging from the lowest vibrational emotions of Powerlessness to the highest emotion of Peace.

Perhaps give yourself a 30-day challenge to improve your vibration and track it every day. Use the chart to track what emotions you are feeling throughout your day, how long you stay in that vibration and how often you return to that emotion. Make it your goal to improve a little at a time.

For example, it’s a LOT easier to move from Powerlessness to Anger, than from Powerlessness to Happy.

Remember, the goal is improvement, not perfection. Be gentle with yourself. You are creating a new paradigm for yourself each time you move to a higher vibration and can stay there for longer and longer periods of time.

Drop me a line and let me know what your challenges are and I’ll help you work through them.



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Jeff Scholl is a Certified Spiritual Life Coach through Holistic Learning Centers and a Board-Certified Holistic Health Practitioner through the American Association of Drugless Practitioners.


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