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Joy, Peace, and Happiness

When anger and stagnation become the focal point of one’s life, it’s time to do things differently. Speaking from the heart in spiritual truth, Jeff Scholl lays the foundation for instantaneous breakthroughs and transformation.

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Jeffrey Scholl 

Meet Your Guide for Emotional and Spiritual Freedom

With over 30 years exploring the realms of spirituality, metaphysics, and spiritual psychology, Jeff has completely mastered hyper-awareness of the human spirit. 


Not only did Jeff begin his journey to become a spiritual teacher to help others, but he also began to help himself. He was facing major roadblocks that he was working diligently on to correct. He was experiencing a failed marriage, getting a divorce, and learned to accept that he was most certainly a part of the problem. 


This acceptance opened up a new path, a path to peace, where he went on to become a certified spiritual life coach and seasoned speaker empowering others to release past burdens and step into a life filled with peace, joy, and purpose.


Read: A Path to Peace

This book provides a blueprint for those who are feeling stuck and have a longing for more peace in their lives.  Whether you are someone experiencing difficulties in areas of life like health, relationship, career and beyond or are simply tired of constant feelings of anger, frustration and stress, A Path to Peace was written to help you understand how to heal these areas of your life.

"I’ve become much more self aware of my behaviors and words. The questions asked at the end of chapters were helpful to better understand my feelings and take a step back and observe myself in the mirror. Thank you Jeff!" - Alex E.

One of the hardest things anyone will ever have to do is look within themselves and admit the way they’ve been living doesn’t work anymore.

How can we navigate this shift without harming the spirit?

We do this first by acknowledging where things might be going wrong.

They sit in long periods of frustration towards life circumstances, leading to an inability to develop the prosperity, success, and abundance for which they have a deep desire.

No. 1

They fear change which is majorly rooted in the fear it’s going to dig up all of the pain they’ve been burying down for years and they’re not sure if they’re ready to feel it yet.

No. 2

Only on rare occasions do they truly feel seen, felt, and heard, causing them to delay making a positive step in the right direction because they lack support and often doubt it's the right decision.

No. 3

They’re convinced that even if they make the effort to transform, nothing is going to change and it’ll all be an embarrassing amount of wasted time.

No. 4

Release, Rewire

This multi-level framework not only allows us to take a granular look at where, when, and how things have been festering within, but it also allows us to start healing and integrating all the parts that need the most attention.

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Jeff's Zone of Genius

Understanding how to process and release emotional energy is not only empowering, but it prevents it from becoming a barrier in one’s life.

The Power of Forgiveness

Navigating through hurdles that help one truly forgive, freeing themselves from every past hurt.

Self Mastery: Healing the Inner Child

Overcoming deep-seated fears and self-doubt to unveil one’s true potential.

Spiritual Relationships and Parenting

Transforming personal connections and learning to foster relationships based on mutual growth and understanding.


Rainu's Gratitude

"During a very difficult time in our life about 14 years ago, we were faced with the fact that we weren’t able to have kids naturally. For 6 years of frustration and helplessness, we then started seeking the help of medical professionals. We just couldn’t understand why we weren’t able to have kids.


Around that time, we started attending a study group with a few friends and met Jeff Scholl who guided our meetings. We read several books by Dr. Wayne Dyer, Eckhart Tolle and other authors combined with discussions on how to shift our mindset. Jeff helped us transition to a place of gratitude and envisioned what we wanted to create. Putting the energy out to the universe is a concept and awareness that Jeff helped us have. Soon after, I became pregnant and eventually had my daughter who just turned 14. We have 2 kids now and I truly believe it’s thanks to Jeff who helped us shift our mind and beliefs to help create what we wanted in life…after all, we are all energy."

"Jeff coached me through healing my relationship with my mom. As a result, I was able to recover from a health crisis, mend my relationship with my mom and reconnect with my step son. I have even seen the effects trickle over into the lives of my closest family members because they saw how much I had changed for the better. I am eternally grateful for Jeff."

Faye's Healing

"I had the privilege of meeting Jeff back in 2018, and his impact on my life has been profound. As a licensed massage therapist of 15 years, I encountered Jeff as a client during a time of significant personal challenges. Little did I know, I was embarking on a spiritual awakening, and Jeff emerged as the guiding light I needed. He embodied humility and kindness, serving as a walking blessing in my life. Jeff’s teachings resonated deeply with me, emphasizing the importance of timing in learning and growth. Through his guidance, I have undergone remarkable spiritual and mental transformation.

Jeff’s wisdom has equipped me with invaluable tools and practices that continue to shape my journey. He taught me the power of mindful communication and the significance of vibrational frequencies, concepts that were previously unfamiliar to me. His teachings have liberated me from negative patterns and encouraged me to confront my past traumas, fostering a deeper understanding of myself. Jeff’s shared meditations, have been a source of solace and empowerment, allowing me to manifest my desired reality.

Since our first meeting, I have evolved into a stronger, wiser version of myself, embracing my spiritual healing journey with gratitude and newfound appreciation. Jeff’s guidance has not only transformed my life but has also inspired me to share his teachings with others. I wholeheartedly recommend Jeff Scholl to anyone seeking guidance on their PATH TO PEACE and fulfillment."

Brianna's Transformation

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Contact Jeff and Schedule Him to Be Your Transformative Speaker

Whether it’s a retreat, conference, event, or breakout session, Jeff will share from his heart to fully reach the hearts of others.

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