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Why We're Angry

Updated: Oct 14, 2022

“To be angry with someone is easy...but to be angry with the right person, at the right time, for the right reason and to the correct degree...that is difficult.” – Aristotle paraphrased

When I read the news these days and most especially when I read comments by people on these stories, I am amazed by the ferocity of their anger and frustration.

But what all of these people do not understand is where the source of this anger comes from. They mistakenly believe that they have nothing to do with the state of what is happening and they are completely unaware that what is happening is a perfect creation in which every single one of us are responsible.

Yet we want someone else to blame. As long as we have someone else to blame, we do not have to take responsibility for our part in the creation of the world as it is. We do not understand that because so many of us have repressed our own unconscious pain, that what we see in our world IS a perfect creation.

When we heal ourselves, we do not see dysfunction any longer. We see perfection.

Where many see a reason to fear, I now see an opportunity for us to heal.

I was once on the other side of the fence. I had so much fear and pain trapped inside of me that I was an aggressively vocal opponent of what I felt was “wrong” with our government and the way it was being run. I numbed my pain with alcohol for many years and even once I quit drinking for the most part, I still had anger inside of me that I couldn’t see.

So I went about my life and I just reacted to what I saw. I used the actions of others whether they were on the news or in traffic to justify and rationalize my angers and frustrations.

I had spent most of my life studying spiritual and religious topics and because I knew so much, I “thought” I was justified to feel what I felt. I thought God felt the same way I did and yet...well I didn’t know as much as I thought I did.

I did know a lot. I just didn’t know how to apply much of it.

I didn’t know that there was a layer of experiential knowledge buried beneath what I did know and that once I started learning how to do that, I found that there was SO much more to all that I had learned than I ever realized. I just wasn’t able to see it before.

My arrogance of “I already know that” blocked me from being able to see it. My stubbornness to change was borne out of fear. The truth was I was afraid to face what I knew was the real problem.

I had rationalized (rational lie) that it wouldn’t do any good to dig that stuff up. And so I drove to work every day and yelled at drivers who cut me off or who tailgated me. I couldn’t understand why it happened to me so much.

I read the news every day and got more and more frustrated by all the ways I thought our government was ruining our country. I got frustrated when my favorite sports teams lost and I got hurt when my family and friends didn’t understand me.

And I did not understand that all of it...ALL OF a perfect creation. I did not understand that I am a spiritual being who has never made a mistake. I did not understand that everything I have ever done was created as a learning experience for my soul...for me to decide what to do and what not to do.

I did not understand that “I have no enemies...just lessons” and that every person who comes into my life in any way is there to show me something. They are either there to reflect back to me the best parts of myself or the parts I still need to heal. I did not understand that my own feelings were what told me which that was. I had always thought that when I felt bad, it meant I needed to avoid someone...or get them to change somehow. I did not understand that everyone, EVERYONE is “God in drag” and that their God-self was showing up in my life to show me what I most needed to heal.

I did not understand what Forgiveness really was and how to use it effectively. I “thought” I knew how to forgive people before, but the way I knew didn’t heal me and that is the whole point. Forgiveness is there to help me heal...not someone else. Because when I heal, my perception of my world changes.

I did not understand that 80-95% of my beliefs were buried in my sub-conscious and completely hidden from me. I didn’t know that they were continuing to create a life that angered me, frustrated me and worried me. I didn’t know that over 80% of these beliefs were fear based. I had forgotten from my studies in school that everything is energy and that even my emotions (energy in motion) had a specific vibrational frequency attached to them.

I did not realize that I had repressed so much low vibrational energy as a child...because I lived in a world where everyone did that and it was considered normal. I did not realize that all of this pain was still there. I didn’t realize that every culture did this all over the world and that emotional pain had been passed down from generation to generation for millennia. I had no idea that my parents had passed down their pain both directly and indirectly...even though I saw some of it when it came out of me.

Most of all, I did not know that there was a way to heal heal all of it and how easy it was to learn how to do that. In looking back at my journey through it, it was scary to do it, but I was able to do it because I had help.

And because I have healed most of it, I no longer fear the world any longer. I am no longer angry at my government or my community leaders or business leaders. I understand now how I played my part in all of that and I take responsibility for that.

Do I still get caught up in it from time to time? Yes. I can still be an idiot on social media sometimes. The difference for me is that I know it almost immediately. Often I go back and delete the post and sometimes I don’t. I just chuckle about it later and use it as a reminder that I’m still working towards being peace every day.

It is only by taking responsibility that I can be empowered to change it. As long as it stayed “out there” somewhere, I was powerless to effect any real change. I stayed in a victim role.

But I am no longer a victim. I am an empowered being who understands why the world is the way it is. And I am no longer just killing time in life, playing the part that I “thought” I was supposed to play. I am fulfilling my dream by being of service to others and helping them wake up from the illusory life they have been living.

I am helping them understand how to “live in the world, but not be of it.” There is far more meaning to that than one can get without healing.

Most of the world has the emotional maturity of a 14 year old. We just never get beyond that because of all of the pain we carry. And so we live in a world where our desires and pleasures are driven by what makes a teenager happy and what makes them sad.

There is more to be had. But it starts with healing and creating a new awareness.

It is not easy and it may not be a path that all of us will take in our lifetime. There will be many who will stubbornly go through the rest of their lives refusing to experience who and what they are...holding onto their anger and blaming the rest of the world for it.

But it doesn’t have to be that way.

They can live a life of peace, happiness and joy beyond anything they can currently imagine. It is only when we start stretching the envelope that we can see more.

My role is to help others see more of the light that resides within them, to help them shed their pain and in doing so awaken to their purpose in they will help heal our world.

Because anger won’t do it.



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