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What is Your Life Purpose?

Updated: Oct 14, 2022

What is your purpose for living? Is this a thought that you consider often?

My purpose for living is a thought which often pings in the dark recesses of my mind, bringing my focus back to where I feel stuck in life.

I feel we are all meant to serve each other on this planet and that everything here has the capacity to serve.

Whether or not we do that however is largely determined by how in balance we are. When a system is in balance, it feels peaceful and yet creates new opportunities for growth and expansion.

When a system is out of balance, it manifests in resistance, struggle and even suffering.

You can pick about any area in our society today and know intuitively whether it is or out of balance. But let’s take an easy one…healthcare. This is a system which is vastly out of balance in the United States. The industry of healthcare stopped being about health long ago and has become driven by and serves the purpose of money, which in and of itself was never supposed to be the point.

A “for profit” healthcare system will never be one in balance, because pressure will always be applied to the insurance and pharmaceutical companies to make more and more money and if people are healed, they do not become repeat customers.

As with any industry, there are many good people in it doing the best they can with the system they have. I have spoken to many in the industry including my own doctors and they will readily admit it’s a system that is not serving the patients well.

Changing the system requires more than dissatisfaction with the current system though. And we cannot wait on our government to change the system, because most are simply spokespeople for the very industries which are out of balance. These companies have been contributing to their campaigns and any independent though was bought long ago.

If we are to create a healthcare system in this country which works for everyone, we must determine what is most important in the system we desire to create. We must determine what it looks like, sounds like and feels like. We must work together and at least create the broad strokes.

Yes, there will be detractors. Those who stand the lose the most tend to pepper the airwaves with lies and distractions when they feel threatened. Yet change requires courage and steadfastness.

Pick any area of our societal life; education, energy, food chain, etc. and ask yourself; does this system serve humanity? If you feel passionate about a particular area, find others who also desire change and work with them to create it.

Remember though that the best ideas don’t come from people who all see a situation the same way. The best solutions come from diverse opinions and perspectives. The problems you face in an area may be completely different than what someone else faces and if you can hear a situation from their perspective, it may inspire you to even greater ideas for how to solve something.

It may very well be that the solution to a problem in any area of our society has never been done before and we have to create it together. It’s also important to realize that the solution may not be perfect out of the box and may require tweaking to constantly be working to keep the system in balance with the growth and change happening within all of us.

Have you come up with an answer for the question? What is your purpose for living and how are you fulfilling it?



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