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Time To Grow

Updated: Oct 14, 2022

Every day I am talking to people who feel like they are being pushed to their limits and who feel increasingly stressed. Part of this is that the way we used to control our lives is no longer working.

As I learned in “Conversations with God” over twenty-five years ago, the creation trilogy is BE, DO, HAVE. What this means is that the vibration we are sending out 24/7 has more to do with what shows up in our reality than what we are doing with that vibration.

Most people have been operating from a DO, HAVE, BE paradigm most of their lives.

So let me step back just a little bit and define these terms.

BE = the vibration we are consciously or unconsciously sending out all of the time which brings experiences into our reality

DO = the actions we take on a daily basis

HAVE = the experiences that show up that we call our life

What is frustrating many people is that the DO, HAVE, BEp paradigm used to work much more effectively than it does today. This means that people’s actions used to produce more of the results they wanted regardless of the integrity or high vibration of their intent.

If you look out at our political landscape on a daily basis, you can see these events playing out in the media. Transgressions and misdeeds which would have at one time been easily covered up or flat out denied persist, because TRUTH matters now more than ever.

What has changed is that the planet we live on has increased in vibration. This means that ALL of us have to step up our game and live with more integrity or we will face our karma much more quickly and assuredly than ever before.

All of those people who are feeling stressed and pressured on a daily basis feel this way because of the immense emotional burdens they are dragging around and which are being triggered over and over in their daily lives whether that is with the experiences that show up or what they see happening in the media which keeps them on edge.

It is possible to release these burdens and live more in the moment, but it requires us to change. It requires us to have faith in something greater than ourselves and it requires us to surrender the intense need to control everything around us.

The comfort zone many of us have lived in most of our lives is no longer comfortable and this is just the Universe saying a little more loudly than before, “It’s time to grow.”

What most people want is to get back to normal without ever having to grow and this is unfortunately a fantasy. We are not going back. It cannot happen as the drumbeat of evolution is vibrational and out of our control.

We are moving forward and more and more people are waking up to the inevitability of this every day.

Our choice is stark.

We can grow and evolve or we can suffer. But there is no longer a middle ground to sit on the fence.

It’s time to grow.




Jeff Scholl is a Certified Spiritual Life Coach through Holistic Learning Centers and a Board Certified Holistic Health Practitioner through the American Association of Drugless Practitioners.

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