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The Power of Your Energy – Part 1

Do you realize how powerful you are and how you have direct control to strengthen or hinder your power?

Many people understand that if they eat more nutritious food, their body will function more efficiently, but this is only a small part of the energy equation. What you think, feel and expose yourself on a habitual basis directly impacts your ability to create the life you desire.

People who live in low vibration often believe that there is someone outside of them who prevents them from having what they desire. When we live in low frequency bands, we often feel powerless to effect the change we want and it is normal to then conclude that someone else is responsible for that. This expands when we surround ourselves with people who believe what we do and bombard our minds with messages from media to support this belief system.

Consider for a moment that if you live all or even most of your life experiencing the same type of energy again and again, you are unable to connect with experiences that have a higher frequency. It is like being in a frequency band that is comprised mostly of the same energies over and over. I included a blank Emotional Energy chart in the introduction of my book, “A Path to Peace: A Reluctant Spiritual Journey” and am including it in my blog post script now available on

The chart shows the difference between people who live in lower vibrations vs. someone who lives at higher vibrations.

People who live most of their lives in the vibrations of anxiety, frustration, disappointment, anger and shame look at people who live in peace, gratitude, love and cheerfulness as if they’re crazy. Because the experience is so far outside their paradigm, they can’t imagine ever living like that and yet it is as possible for them as anyone, but they have to change their vibration in order to do it.

One energy I do not show on this chart is the feeling of powerlessness. Feeling powerless or helpless is a low vibration and the energy of anger is actually higher on the vibrational scale than feeling powerless. For people who take violent action, many of them do so because it is less painful to feel angry and take action with that energy than to remain feeling powerless to effect change in their lives. What they do not understand is that true empowerment is many levels above the energy of anger.

Many in low vibrations look out at people who have even a little more than they do and think they are just “lucky” or have someone helping them. They often view people who have wealth as being more valuable than they are, especially if those are people in the media telling them that the reason they haven’t been able to create what they want is “because the system is rigged.”

There is some truth in that the system is rigged…but only from the perspective that the very people telling them that are the ones who are rigging the system for their own benefit.

The system is not rigged. It works for everyone, all of the time and if we want our world to change, we are the ones who have to change. We do not change our world by forcing other people to change.

When I viewed January 6th. 2021, I was not angry as many people were because I saw people who had believed all their lives so much in their own lack of self-worth that they were easily manipulated to believe the only way to achieve what they wanted was through violent means.

The truth is that when we raise our vibrational level, doors start to open for us and the very help we’ve been seeking starts to show up in our lives, often in unexpected ways.

If for example, someone shares this message with you, this is the Universe…not Coach Jeff…telling you it’s time to change. It’s telling you that they have been whispering this message to you for a long time and you haven’t listened, so the message is getting a little louder. And if you still don’t listen, more of the chaos and suffering you’ve been experiencing in your life will show up.

I’m no different than you. I teach what I most need to heal. I am no longer stuck in the emotional energies of anger, frustration and disappointment, but I still experience those energies from time to time.

As I have said earlier, our improvement is all about Duration, Intensity and Frequency. So when you look at the Emotional Energy chart, note on a scale of 1-10, when you get angry, do you just get mildly irritated, angry, irrational or violent with violence being a 10. Note how long you stay angry and how often you return to that same level of feeling.

I will say that people who live at those levels of anger are not going to be the ones reading my blogs are listening to my podcasts, because what I am saying here is far outside their paradigm. The people who are likely reading are those who may spend much more of their time in anxiety with occasional spikes of anger.

Consider that the reason many people in the world are stressed right now is that the Universe is pushing us all to grow and evolve. The more we try to hang onto status quo, the more intense the pressure becomes.

If you felt this message whether you read it on my blog or heard it in my podcast, you are hearing this for a reason. It is time to grow, time to move forward and time to evolve.

Start this week by letting go of something you know you need to let go of.

Know that it’s normal to feel a little bit anxious about letting something go from your routine and make an effort to replace it with something else that will benefit your life.

For example, let go of watching the news this week and go outside for a walk during that time instead.

If you need help moving from where you are to where you want to be, schedule a coaching call with me and let’s talk about it.

Make a great week!


Coach Jeff

© 2022. All rights reserved.

Jeff Scholl is a Certified Spiritual Life Coach through Holistic Learning Centers and a Board Certified Holistic Health Practitioner through the American Association of Drugless Practitioners.


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