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The Power of Our Focus

In June, I attended a week-long Advanced Meditation Retreat in Cancun with Dr. Joe Dispenza. In these conferences, not only did I meditate more than I ever had in a week (or even thought was possible), but I received a crash course in neuroscience and how our focus in the quantum field is constantly manifesting our reality.

He made an interesting statement based on the concept below:

Most people spend 90% of their time focused on what happened in the past or what they think will happen in the future. Often, the focus on the past is filled with thoughts of disappointment, frustration, anger, embarrassment or shame while thoughts of the future may be worry about what’s coming or some other form of fear.

What Dr. Dispenza explained is that because we spend most of our time either focused with these types of emotions, this is primarily why our lives continue to have the same types of experiences over and over again. It is because in the generous present moment, our energies are focused on what we wish didn’t happen or what we are afraid will happen and these energies are ensuring we experience what we don’t want.

We have to pivot our focus to what we do want; to bring our focus to the present and to notice what we are feeling. Because whatever we are feeling is creating the next moment and our future.

Most of the posts I have written (or podcasted) about up to this point were written as tools for your “Creation Toolbox.”

For example, I’ve shared lessons on Surrender, Feeling our Feelings, Forgiveness and Meditation. Of these, meditation is the one that helps make all the others possible. Meditation allows us to create a distinction between the habitual patterns of the mind that is always thinking and who and what we really are as the creator of our lives.

Surrendering in prayer helps us to give up the illusion of control and allow God’s benevolent energy to wash over us to cleanse and replenish our energy.

Feeling our feelings is an extremely important tool because most people are overthinking their lives and spend most of their time thinking about what they’re feeling instead of just feeling and releasing that emotional energy which allows them to receive the wisdom of the experience instead of continuing to repeat the experience again and again.

Forgiveness releases huge amounts of repressed emotional energies which allows us to make leaps forward in our healing, growth and development.

What I am sharing with all of you is a repeatable, clinically proven process of healing. It may not seem as sexy as just distracting yourself with the next video clip on TikTok, but it has the potential to transform your life into an idea you’ve barely let yourself dream about.

One of my favorite quotes from Albert Einstein is, “You cannot solve a problem with the same level of consciousness that created it.”

To solve the problems of your life, you have to change the level of your consciousness and it has to be such a huge priority for you that you are willing to sacrifice the life you thought was important to create the life that is already waiting for you when you raise your frequency to the level where that experience exists. The vibrational frequency of the solution is very different than the frequency of the problem.

When you really grok that you have the power to create the life you want simply by attuning yourself to the frequency of your dreams, most of the things you thought previously were important enough to put your attention and focus upon will no longer be important to you. What will be important is to spend your time focused intently on what you want to create with the vibration of already experiencing it.

When you do that a couple of times successfully, even with something small, you will feel empowered to create anything you want.

As you go throughout your day this week, remind yourself with the thought, “Where is my focus? Is it in the past thinking about what I should or should not have done? Am I thinking about what someone else should or should not have done? Am I worrying about an event coming in the future?”

When you find yourself in your past or future, consciously take a slow deep breath, counting to 7 on your inhale, holding it for a count of 7 and exhaling to a count of 7. Repeat this a couple more times to bring your focus into the expansive present moment and ask yourself, “What do I want to create? How do I want my future to feel?” Practice feeling what happiness, gratitude, joy and freedom feel like in your body and then practice heightening those feelings to take it to the next level.

Then envision it…feel your intended experience as if you are already living it and enjoy that feeling for as long as you can.

The more you make your present moment on what you intend to create, the more new opportunities to experience it will start to show up in your life. Embrace these opportunities when they show up, even if they’re not perfect because they are evidence that you are creating something new. And then pull yourself back to your present moment to create the next level of that with an even higher feeling.

Drop me a note either in the comments or on my website at: to let me know what you experience.

MAKE a great week!



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Jeff Scholl is a Certified Spiritual Life Coach through Holistic Learning Centers and a Board Certified Holistic Health Practitioner through the American Association of Drugless Practitioners.


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