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The Power of Meditation

Updated: Oct 14, 2022

I have been meditating for at least 45 minutes to an hour a day for 12 weeks. While I had been studying spirituality and metaphysics for over 30 years, I had not meditated consistently.

Sometimes, I really got into it and sometimes I was just kind of “checking the box” to say I did it.

In January of this year, my wife attended a Dr. Joe Dispenza meditation retreat at Marco Island, FL. I knew she was going to be meditating a lot while she was there and I didn’t want to be totally out of sync when she came back, so I told her I would meditate for at least an hour every day while she was gone. I thought I would be somewhat close to her vibration when she returned, but I was wrong.

When she came back, she felt different to me.

My daughter and I had been squabbling quite a bit before she left and we patched it up before my wife left. When we picked her up from the airport, I guess we were still kind of sniping at each other and yet, my wife was completely on another level.

In the conference she attended, the audience was given the opportunity to participate in an experiment. Over 900 people volunteered to participate in the study, with over 780 providing blood and stool samples before and after the event.

All were given biometric devices to track their progress through the week.

When you attend one of these conferences, they split you up into color groups and Dr. Joe told the Orange group that my wife was in at the end of the conference that their data was off the charts and they wanted them to come back in April at the Denver event. They also wanted that group to keep their biometric devices until then and make a commitment to meditate every day for 90 days.

She kept her commitment and would get up in the wee hours of the morning to go to her office to meditate. Some days, it woke me up and I would meditate also and some days, I slept.

When she went to the Denver event, she saw some of the data and it was amazing.

I have been a Quality Engineer and Manager for over 20 years of my professional career so I can tell you that most studies require a minimum of 30 test samples to be statistically valid. This mediation conference had over 780 samples of data which makes the results at least in my mind, unquestionable.

Here is the link to the results of their research:

When my wife returned from the Denver conference, I hadn’t meditated every day like I had with the first one and we were definitely out of sync. My daughter and I were still arguing from time to time and my wife was on a completely different level.

She suggested that I plan on attending the Dr. Joe event in June and I told her that due to my work commitments, it just wasn’t a good time for me and that it would be better for me to do it in October when the event came to Dallas.

The events typically sell out within a day (sometimes much shorter) when they are opened for registration. My wife was watching for this and because she had attended prior events, she was getting advance notifications of the release.

When it opened, she didn’t hesitate. She signed me up and booked my hotel. I knew getting a refund from a hotel in Mexico would be dicey since we had lost our deposit the year before when she was supposed to go to the Dr. Joe event then, but her passport didn’t come in time.

I surrendered to the idea and put in my vacation request for that week.

I attended the event from June 19–26 and it was the best thing I could have done. I had to admit to my wife that she was right and did so several times because…you know, wives love hearing that from their husbands. :-)

During the event, I meditated on average 4–5 hours a day for 7 days straight. Now it wasn’t 4 hours at time typically. It was usually three 90 minute meditations spread across the day, while getting a crash graduate course in neuroscience, quantum physics and metaphysics in between.

I had a physical issue I had hoped to heal during the event and knew it was possible. I remember on the 3rd or 4th day at one point in a walking meditation, praying to heal. Suddenly, I heard a voice in my head say, “It doesn’t matter if we heal this for you. If you don’t change who you are being, you will simply create another issue.”

Hearing this message and have it be so on point was like being hit in the head with a stick.

I knew the voice was right. I knew if I didn’t change my vibration, if I let myself continue to absorb the same types of energy I had been not only exposing myself to, but projecting out into the world; my reality couldn’t change.

The first step was to continue the meditation practice when I got home and I wasn’t sure I could do it because I knew I had some work travel coming up, one of which was an extended international trip.

But I knew where my pitfalls would be and arranged my travel schedule to accommodate what I knew I needed to do.

I meditated this morning and as of today, have meditated for over 12 weeks. I think I missed one day in there somewhere, but I’m rationalizing that a little bit because many days, I meditated twice for an hour each.

I also do something I never would have done before. When I’m meditating and I find my mind drifting, I start the meditation over. Sometimes I start it over 2 or 3 times. The funny thing is that if I apply this kind of discipline, my mind gives up. It stops thinking and allows me to focus to achieve the quality of the mediation I’m seeking.

What I’m seeking is the purest sense of feeling I can achieve. If I am being guided for example to feel the energy of freedom, I am switching my brain off completely so I can feel the highest sense of this vibration I can. If I am being guided simply to feel the energy of space, I am stretching out with my senses to move beyond my body to really feel the feeling of nothing.

This is something the mind fights against and so when it does, I start the meditation over. Having grown up as a child with horses, this is kind of the same thing. I am breaking my mind’s defense of constant thinking by not allowing it to just run amuck.

You may ask, “What happens when you don’t have time to start it over?”

Sometimes I may just go back a few minutes to the point where my mind started drifting and I may do that a couple of times. I typically have buffer built into how my mornings go anyway, so I know if I lose time meditating, I will have to make that up somewhere else.

The funny thing is that it just never seems to be an issue. It’s not like I make myself late because I spent too much time on social media which does seem to add more stress.

When I spend more time meditating, everything else just seems to flow to the point where the time gets made up without effort.

I had a client tell me one time that she noticed when she meditated on a regular basis, she would get all green lights on the way to work.

I heard Dr. Dispenza say something in the conference that I attended that I’d never thought of this way before. He said something to the effect that when you meditate you connect with the Divine. (That part I had heard before.) But then he said, and when you finish the meditation, you bring back a piece of the Divine with you into your daily life.

That was a concept that I’d never considered before and it formed the basis for why I start meditations over. It’s because I want to bring back the most energy I can to help me more effortlessly improve my life.

Meditation helps me to create a distinction between the energies I used to be comfortable with and what I am really seeking.

Because if I truly believe my energy is creating my reality, then at some point, I have to accept that I really do need to change what I’m being, as the voice told me, for me to create a different reality.

Today, my daughter and I have a much more loving relationship and we have hit a level that I knew would happen at some point, but thought it would be when she was in her twenties.

I believe because her mom and I changed our energy, it gave her the space to heal some things that had been creating an unwanted reality for her as well. I’ll talk about this another time when I start my “A Path to Peace in Parenting” series.

When we meditate with her, we are even more aligned.

I used to make excuses that I didn’t have enough time to meditate and now I cannot imagine living without it.

My physical body is healing. My relationship with my wife is significantly better and my relationship with my daughter is…well it’s so good that it’s hard to even find words to explain how much of a difference without me breaking down in tears.

It wasn’t so much because all of them changed. It was because I changed.

If your world is not working the way you desire, I encourage you to explore the power of meditation. I can honestly say, it will make a world of difference in your life…and you don’t even have to tell me I’m right. :-)



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Jeff Scholl is a Certified Spiritual Life Coach through Holistic Learning Centers and a Board Certified Holistic Health Practitioner through the American Association of Drugless Practitioners.

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