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The Power of Emotional Courage

Updated: Nov 2, 2022

We all do stupid things from time to time. The little voice inside our heads telling us “uh huh – don’t do it” and yet we override it and do it anyway. It happens more easily when we are operating in lower vibrations because the pull of our ego is more powerful…mainly because we live in that world every day so it feels natural to us even if it’s uncomfortable living there.

When we block our normal and natural emotional energies and avoid feeling them, we are preventing ourselves from being able to receive the wisdom they can provide.

For example, if you have been in a work situation for a long time, it is normal to feel frustrated when you face the same situations over and over again. In feeling trapped, if you don’t feel the emotional energy coming up in the situation, it is normal to develop first frustration and then anger. Once that builds up awhile, what often happens is you lash out at the people you perceive to be the source of your frustration.

But let’s look at the situation differently from a higher perspective. Let’s consider that everyone who shows up in your life as “God in drag” and a reflection for you to learn something new about your life.

If you understand this is what’s happening, then a different way to handle this is having the emotional courage to go within and feel whatever feelings you have surrounding your work situation. It is quite normal that there are actually several layers to what you feel.

You may feel frustrated at the current situation, but once you feel and release this feeling, you find you feel worried that how you handled the situation could be considered unprofessional and block you from future opportunities. So then, you need to go in and feel and release this layer of worry.

Then in feeling that layer, you find you also feel afraid because you’re not sure if anyone would hire you to do something different or it could be that you really want to go out on your own and pursue your dreams, but you’re afraid you will fail.

This layer could be intense as there may be many instances of “evidence” where you’ve failed before attached to it. If you understand that all of your evidence though are just reflections of when you were already afraid of failure or didn’t believe you were worthy, then you can more easily release your ties to all of that evidence as they were all illusions.

Once you feel and release the layer of feeling afraid, you may find this frees you up or you may have one more layer to go. With most clients I’ve worked with, they had a core layer of unworthiness. This is a prevalent belief in our society and in mass consciousness.

We can perhaps talk another time about where this belief comes from, but it is there in every person I’ve worked with regardless of their nationality, religion, culture, gender, race or upbringing. A good question to consider is who would benefit from programming this belief in almost every human on the planet instead of programming inherent worthiness.

If God created humanity in His/Her own image, then we can’t believe that God programmed us to feel unworthy, can we?

If this is not the case, then we need to consider that it’s time to have the emotional courage to release this belief of unworthiness, feel that feeling within us and let it go layer by layer until it’s gone.

You ARE worthy!

You are worthy of Love.

You are worthy of Peace.

You are worthy of Happiness.

You are worthy of Freedom.

You are worthy of Joy.

It may feel scarier to feel these feelings than it did to feel the feelings it took to get to this point.

However, consider that those other feelings, although uncomfortable felt more normal because they were your most “practiced” feelings.

If you had the emotional courage to practice the feelings of Love, Peace, Happiness, Freedom and Joy, those would become your new normal and your world would transform before you in ways that would seem almost miraculous.

Isn’t it time to change, to grow and to find the emotional courage within you?

It exists within you and it’s normal you might need help with that if you are not used to feeling your feelings.

This is why having a coach is important. Certified Spiritual Life Coaches have been where you are. I have been the one resistant to feeling my feelings and even many years later still find new topics occasionally where I’ve blocked a feeling and have just been reacting to what shows up in my reality.

When I realize it though, I stop and feel the feeling. I seek help if I need it and explore what other layers are there.

Emotional courage and the conscious decision to actively go in and feel the feelings we are experiencing is a new skill for many, especially men since many of us were shaped by a society which taught us to ignore or turn off our natural reactions to our emotions.

When we release the old definition of what a real man looks like when he is feeling and expressing his emotions, many of us will be able to release decades of emotional burdens which will free up a significant amount of life force energy giving us the courage to step forward in the world as authentic human beings.

We will stop looking to others for approval or acceptance and use the reactions of others to us for what it really is…a reflection showing us what we most need to heal.

The time to heal and grow is Now.

Make a great week!



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Jeff Scholl is a Certified Spiritual Life Coach through Holistic Learning Centers and a Board Certified Holistic Health Practitioner through the American Association of Drugless Practitioners.


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