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The Law of Balance

Updated: Oct 14, 2022

It is very important for business leaders to understand the Law of Balance and the result of flowing against the evolution of our Universe. While gains may be made in fits and starts, the areas of our businesses where we are not flowing with the evolution of humanity will start to falter.

The Earth and all her inhabitants have been transitioning from 3D energy-based systems to 5D. Those still operating in 3D; i.e. egoic based thinking will see cultural shifts which will impact their businesses unless they understand where humanity is headed and evolve with the flow instead of against it.

Louise Hay taught me many years ago to think of my body as an energy system. Since everything else is also energy, my food, entertainment, emotional and thought patterns all could strengthen or weaken my body.

I also learned many years ago that the foods I was eating were having a detrimental effect on my body. Until this point, I believed if I ate something my body wasn’t happy with, I would know it almost immediately such as in the case of food poisoning. I didn’t understand

however that my body was reacting to some foods, but often not until the day after, when my back would hurt. Since I had been going to a chiropractor for years, I already knew that if my back was out of place, it could pinch on nerves and I would feel it in other parts of my body. What this doctor taught me however, was that if I ate foods my body wasn’t happy about, it would send signals out to the rest of my body about it. These signals would travel up to my spine where all the other nerves were connected and pull my back out of place.

Before I visited this doctor, I had been going to the chiropractor a couple of times a month for a couple of years and sometimes more. My back hurt right between my shoulder blades, sometimes so much it was hard to function. I was starting to believe I just had a bad back. This doctor taught me that what I was eating was causing this issue and once I stopped eating beef regularly, my back stopped hurting.

It was so amazing it felt like a miracle.

Now I know I’m going the long way around the barn to make a point, but the same law I’m speaking of in regards to the physical body applies to both the micro and macro levels for how our companies, communities, governments and nations work as well.

When WE are out of balance, our world is out of balance and if we are not in tune with the choices are making, we can fool ourselves into thinking that “we are getting away with it” or that there is no impact for what we are choosing.

For example, if we choose to raise a price on a life saving drug so far out of reach to the patients it’s designed to help, the Universe has a way of correcting that and it doesn’t always come in the manner we would think.

Many of our larger industries such as Energy, Healthcare, Defense/Military, Education, etc .are in constant turmoil. The reason for this is that these areas are of balance with Truth. The corporate leaders often put more pressure on governments to loosen regulations, lower corporate taxes and allow profits to flow thinking this will create balance, but it actually creates more imbalance which will have an equal and opposite effect.

More corruption, greed and other things which have long been hidden in the shadows in our society are now coming to light. This will continue much to the chagrin of many who are still working to fight it and resist it. There are many who will fall and fall hard due to resisting the evolution.

Those in positions of power and leadership who have misused this power will be unmasked and seen for what they have been, regardless of the positions they’ve held. Going forward, the only thing that matters is if the choices we are making resonate with the evolution of humanity.

It is important to understand metaphysical laws operate much like the laws of physics. For example, Newton’s third law of physics states: For every action, there is an equal and opposite reaction.

This is also somewhat applicable in metaphysics, but the opposite reaction is balanced in the energetic fields which connect us all.

There are many ways this is playing our society such as the above example in the Pharmaceutical industry. The #MeToo movement is actually another example as the Divine Feminine is seeking balance and this is an area which has been out of balance for centuries.

For those who are hoping this is dying down, don’t bet on it. The balance between the Divine Feminine and Masculine is just getting started because our patriarchal based society is way out of balance.

Another example is how out of balance our educational systems are here in the United States. We have allowed “for profit” schools to saddle students with crippling debt so that when they graduate, they may be well into their 30’s before they are able to pay it off. This limits these young people to taking career which may be something they are doing for money instead of something they would enjoy doing, which again has an energetic ripple effect in our society, for when you are forced to do something you don’t want to do, you carry a layer of resentment into work every day.

We have significantly hampered our public-school system, by pulling more and more money out of it so that teachers are often working 2 and 3 jobs to make ends meet.

Our educational system is drastically out of balance and the pendulum will be swinging back towards the middle, but many of us will have to get involved in order to make it so.

The examples are endless and all of us know of areas which touch our lives on a daily basis which are dramatically out of balance. As business leaders, we have the ability to recognize when we are making decisions that keep our companies, communities and governments out of balance and choose to step out what has been the norm and make the hard choices which reflect integrity and truth.

We must take a look at the larger picture and understand the far-reaching impacts of the choices we make. Instead of making choices based on what we “think” is best, we must “feel” our way through it. Because we are all connected, we know intuitively when we are making the right choice.

Now more than ever, it’s time to make choices which will emit positive ripples out into our world.

The world will correct itself anyway. How hard we make it is up to us.



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