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Karma and Reality

Updated: Oct 14, 2022

A question that I get quite often from clients is “what is karma?”

My karma is what is being reflected back to me as my reality. My karma is typically made up of the collective energies I carry with me in this world and what I see as my reality is much like a holographic image. The image I see and experience is a composite of all of the energies I carry...both positive and negative.

These collective energies are stored in what some theologies have termed the emotional body...which also contains what Eckhart Tolle has termed, “the pain body.”

So let’s take a step back just for a moment and discuss these different “bodies.”

Imagine a column of pure light that is the center of every being. It is the essence of who we are and it is constantly projecting its energy out into the world as long as we are alive on this earth. Just like a movie, it forms the light of our projection out into the world.

We also carry within us the mental body...also called the intellect...or the ego. It is the part of us that is constantly analyzing our world, evaluating the evidence, comparing it to how we feel and telling us through our thoughts if we are safe.

Surrounding all of this is our emotional body...the part of us where we feel our emotions. Our emotions were designed to be processed through our body much the same way as we process food. Emotions were designed to be taken in, felt, expressed and released.

Many of us have been taught generation after generation not to feel our emotions...especially the emotions deemed negative and so these emotions...these energies get trapped in our emotional the pain body. These emotions are anger, fear, worry, frustration, sadness, rage, embarrassment, shame, etc. If we were not taught as very young children (and very few of us were) how to feel and release these feelings, then we carry many of these emotions around with us in our pain body.

All of this is contained within the physical body and the aura that some people can see is the projection of our light through the emotional/pain body. The amount of light we are able to project out into our world is directly related to the amount of pain we carry within us.

So if we carry a lot of pain and anger within us, we will see that reflected out into our world.

And since the Law of Attraction states that: like attracts like...then we will continue to attract the people and situations into our lives to show us what we most need to heal.

If we do not understand the Law of Karma and the Law of Attraction, then we stay lost in the illusion and we blame the people who are doing this to us...instead of recognizing that these people are not our enemies. They are our teachers.

It is difficult to recognize this in most cases because these people are quite often unconscious to their own actions or motives. And because they are, because our minds can rationalize that they could do something different, we blame them.

If we realize that the rest of the world is our reflection...and that if I want to change my reflection, the change that must be to change my projection.

Most of the time, one of our biggest challenges is that we have identified ourselves with our intellect...our ego and this is normal because it is our ego that is constantly talking to us and has been all of our lives. It is our ego that has interpreted all of the information we have both consciously and unconsciously gathered and created beliefs that form the fabric of our emotional and pain bodies.

If all of our lives, we felt safe and secure...loved and accepted, we would not have collected much pain and fear...and the light of our being would be shining brightly out into the world. And we would be experiencing a life filled with love, peace, abundance and joy.

But the vast majority of us did not have this kind of life...we did not choose it. We chose a more challenging and difficult path. We chose to have an opportunity to transcend our karma and live our heaven on earth.

Forgiveness releases trapped energy and changes our karma. As I have posted before, forgiveness is not about saying that what happened was okay. It means that I no longer want to carry this pain within me. I choose to protect myself and release it. I choose to identify myself more with the loving being that I truly am.

Feeling our feelings...learning to process them through our bodies and let go of these energies changes our karma.

Surrendering our fears and worries in prayer and accepting the peace and love that God has for us...frees us from our karma.

Visualizing a more joyous life, practicing gratitude and appreciation infuses more love into the fabric of our emotional body and allows more of our light to be reflected back to us.

We can transcend our karma. We can create our heaven on earth. It starts with our personal lives, by healing our personal pain. The more we do this, the more our vision expands to how to heal our communities, our economy, our nation and our world.




Jeff Scholl is a Certified Spiritual Life Coach through Holistic Learning Centers and a Board Certified Holistic Health Practitioner through the American Association of Drugless Practitioners.

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