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How to Accelerate Your Growth

Most of us go through our lives reacting to what shows up. With the daily demands of families, work and the ever-present mass of information begging for our attention with media and social media, it is easy to become overwhelmed.

At some point, it’s important to take a step back from all we’re doing and ask ourselves, “Is what I am doing…working for me? Is this all my life is ever going to be?”

Answering that question honestly…from the depths of our souls can require some deep introspection. Just asking that question of yourself and really contemplating it is an important part of your personal journey of growth.

Quantum physics teaches us that whatever we focus on grows stronger. If we focus on the problems in our lives, as frustrating as the truth of this is; we are giving our power to them to make them stronger, especially if our emotions get ramped up when we think about them.

When we choose to consciously grow, it’s likely not a huge life change we make and decide we’re going to go live in a commune somewhere to escape everything. We can feel empowered by making little changes.

Perhaps we sit down and decide what we want the next phase of our life to look, sound and feel like.

This is an exercise I assigned to my daughter yesterday as she has been going through some life challenges and it was clear to me that not only has she been making the same types of choices that do not lead her to the benefits she thinks they will; but the way we as her parents have been reacting to her also keeps her stuck in these patterns.

I have asked her to write out the best version of her life that she can imagine with the feelings as if she was already living as that person. Then what her mother and I will do is add to what she’s written to help round out the perspective of her living her best life. We will then focus on that person as if she was stepping through a portal and becoming that version of herself.

When you do an exercise like this though, you stop talking about the prior version of the self. You stop bringing up past mistakes, even if it seems like you are connecting the dots in the pattern. Because each time you bring that up, you are giving your attention (and energy) to a version of someone you no longer want to see.

When we choose to consciously grow, we talk about what we want, as if it already exists, with the excitement and appreciation of that reality. This is what manifests it in our lives.

What about you? Are you focused each day on what you are angry, frustrated, or worried about? If so, you are giving it the power to perpetuate it into your future. It doesn’t mean you ignore things, but instead of thinking about the same things over and over, process that energy instead.

There are many different emotional healing exercises available for free on YouTube. Find one that works for you. Once you learn how to do this via those exercises, you can do this on your own as I do.

I just breathe and focus on where I feel the tension in my body. I feel it as fully as I can, leaning into the feeling instead of allowing my mind to distract me from it. After all, it’s just a feeling and the more I practice leaning into them and feeling them as fully and deeply as possible, the less hold they have over me when they arise.

I learned when I started this kind of practice that I had been afraid of feeling them most of my life and unconsciously distracting myself from them. My feelings no longer frighten me. They have become valuable teachers that show me where I have not yet allowed my Higher Self to flow into my life and when I process those uncomfortable, negative feelings, I gain wisdom that has long been hidden.

You can start your conscious growth path with something small like learning to meditate or taking a class in tai chi or yoga; anything that requires you to focus your mind on the task at hand. Anything that requires you to focus all of your energy on the task at hand will give your “busy mind” a break and create space for new insights from your Higher Self to sneak in. If you keep your mind busy all of the time, there just isn’t enough space between thoughts for new insights to be realized.

It does not matter what you choose; only that you do choose to get started on your path.

Open your journal and write about what your best life looks, sounds and feels like. Then each day, as often as possible, read it and put your focus on it. Find a door in your home where you can imagine your new life on the other side of it. Take a deep breath and imagine your new life, with this new energy on the other side and when you step through the door, BECOME that version of yourself.

Notice that you make new choices and when the temptations arise that want to pull you back to the prior version of your other self, you are choosing more and more to move forward instead of slip back.

Write about your successes and put your focus on when you succeed. When you don’t, fully feel the disappointment, embarrassment or shame so that it no longer has power over you…and then move through that portal again. CHOOSE again and again to be the best version of your Self.

When you reach this version to where you are living it each day and enjoying it, reach again to the next version.

This is conscious growth and you were born for it.



© 2023. All rights reserved.

Jeff Scholl is a Certified Spiritual Life Coach through Holistic Learning Centers and a Board-Certified Holistic Health Practitioner through the American Association of Drugless Practitioners.


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