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Finding a New Frequency of Normal - Part 1

Updated: Oct 14, 2022

What is "normal" to you is likely very different from my normal. Certainly what is normal for a professional athlete, celebrity actor or CEO of a Fortune 100 company is completely different as well.

Ever wonder why their version of normal is different than yours? Ever wonder why some people arrive at those lofty perches and almost immediately fall from them?

One way to explain it is the frequency of their intention and attention towards any topic.

Abraham-Hicks taught me a long time ago that "every topic is really two topics - what is wanted and the lack of what is wanted."

There is a frequency attached to both and if for example, an athlete makes the leap from collegiate sports to the professional level and then either obviously self-sabotages their own success or seems to inexplicably be injured a lot, it can be explained from not only their conscious, but subconscious energy patterns.

With all of the clients I've worked with, the most common core negative belief which creates various forms of self-sabotage is - "I am not enough."

This one belief keeps most people from creating what they most desire to experience in life.

If they do not understand that it is their belief which keeps creating the same experience over and over, they will seek to either blame others for their inability to create what they want or perhaps even blame themselves.

Attempting to create a new frequency of normal without addressing the underlying beliefs is kind of like trying to tune to an FM radio station while you are in AM mode.

When we don't address those underlying beliefs, we tend to not only think the same frequencies of thoughts over and over again; we tend to gravitate to the same energy sources that fuel those frequencies in the form of movies, TV, music, social media and especially mass media news outlets.

Many of them learned a long time ago that just like commercials taught us through spaced repetition how to think of adhesive bandages as "Band-Aids" or tissues as "Kleenex" they could also teach us to be angry about an issue because they were angry and consistently presenting a message a certain way to impact the way they wanted us to think about it.

Again, it doesn't matter if the story they present is true or false or even partially true, the goal is to affect the way you feel...because they know if they can affect the way you feel, they can influence your thought patterns and perception of reality.

They know as long as they can control with a degree of certainty your frequency of normal and ensure you return again and again back to their source of that version of normal, they can control your choices...and just like advertisers who influence our buying patterns, there is a tremendous amount of power in even the smallest measure of control.

Because the planet is evolving however, many people are waking up and actively seeking a new frequency of normal. They are realizing that the way they've been living for so long doesn't feel good and they simply want to feel good.

One way to actively break out of this rut is to put together a plan for your Intention and then put your Attention on it every day.

Write out a brief intention for something you desire to create in your life that would feel good and then write out a few steps you know you could do to get started. They don't have to be huge leaps, because if you've been living in the same rut for a long time, any step you take will likely take you out of your comfort zone anyway. It can include for example, taking a break from the same media sources you have been consuming.

The key is to start and to take the steps you know you can do. You have to overcome the inner voice that will most likely tell you that "this won't work." You have to take a leap of faith and move. The path will probably change, grow and evolve as you progress.

It will also be important to find out what thought patterns are creating the life you have been living and what emotions you consistently feel. It helps to write out what emotions you feel on a regular basis and consciously choose what emotions you do want to feel.

You will likely not take a frequency leap from being irritated all the time to feeling joyful without some kind of catalyst and sometimes we have to make a conscious decision we even want the catalyst to create a space for it to show up in our lives.

Whatever your frequency of normal is, the only person who can change you.



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Jeff Scholl is a Certified Spiritual Life Coach through Holistic Learning Centers and a Board Certified Holistic Health Practitioner through the American Association of Drugless Practitioners.


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