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Finding a New Frequency of Normal - Part 2

Updated: Oct 14, 2022

The term "Woke" is frequently derided in mass media by people who have no concept of what it really means.

Instead of using the term “woke,” we could perhaps use the term awakened. People who either do not understand what it means to have awakened to the truth of who and what we are or use terms like this derisively do so in order to manipulate and control others by triggering their negative emotions.

You may think of them all as the “tin foil hat” crowd and yet, there is a simpler explanation for why people act as they do.

It all became very clear to me after reading Dr. David Hawkins book “Power vs. Force “ published through Hay House. In it, he breaks down the levels of human consciousness with his research collected over a twenty-year period with millions of data points.

I want to share just bits of his information from Chapter 4 – Levels of Human Consciousness and encourage you to pick up his book if any of this resonates with you and you want to know more. As with everything I recommend, no one has asked me to do this. It’s just information I am passing along that I’ve found useful

Energy Level 20 – Shame

Early life experiences such as sexual abuse, which lead to Shame, warp the personality often for a lifetime unless these issues are resolved by therapy. Shame, as Freud determined, produces neurosis. It is destructive to emotional and psychological health and, as a consequence of low self-esteem, makes one prone to the development of physical illness. The Shame-based personality is shy, withdrawn, and introverted.

Shamed children are cruel to animals and cruel to each other. The behavior of people whose consciousness level is only in the 20s is dangerous. They are prone to hallucinations of an accusatory nature, as well as paranoia; some become psychotic or commit bizarre crimes. Some Shame-based individuals compensate by perfectionism and rigidity, and often become driven and intolerant. Notorious examples of this are the moral extremists who form vigilante groups, projecting their own unconscious shame onto others whom they then feel justified in righteously attacking or killing.

Energy Level 30 – Guilt

Guilt, so commonly used in our society to manipulate and punish, manifests itself in a variety of expressions, such as remorse, self-recrimination, masochism, and the whole gamut of symptoms of victimhood.

Guilt-domination results in a preoccupation with “sin,” an unforgiving emotional attitude frequently exploited by religious demagogues, who use it for coercion and control.

Guilt provokes rage, and killing frequently is its expression. Capital punishment is an example of how killing gratifies a Guilt-ridden populace. Our unforgiving American society, for instance, pillories its victims in the press and metes out punishments that have never been demonstrated to have any deterrent or corrective effect.

Energy Level 100 – Fear

Fear At the level of 100, there is a lot more life energy available; fear of danger is actually healthy. Fear runs much of the world, spurring on endless activity. Fear of enemies, of old age or death, of rejection, and a multitude of social fears are basic motivators in most people’s lives. Fear is the favored official tool for control by oppressive totalitarian agencies and regimes, and insecurity is the stock-in-trade of major manipulators of the marketplace. The media and advertising play to Fear to increase market share.

There are many more levels and again, I encourage you to pick up Dr. Hawkins' book to learn more, but I am sharing this to perhaps expand your paradigm as to why people act the way they do, how they get caught up in conspiracy theories and determine somehow that violence or the repression of rights is the way to keep the world safe.

If we understood that:

1. We are all connected

2. Human behavior is influenced by the vibrational frequencies we have stored in our minds collected over the course of our lives in our thoughts and the emotional energies attached to them

3. We can change and heal any and all of it by changing our vibrational frequency

If you are listening to this message for example, your energy has to be open to the frequency of the information I am transmitting…which means you are already growing.

The question is:

Are you growing consciously or unconsciously?

Meaning, have you decided that the ways in which you have been living don’t feel good and above all things at this point in your lives, you want to feel good.

One way the gentle process starts is you literally start waking up in the wee hours of the morning, typically between 4 and 5:30 a.m. and are unable to go back to sleep. Many of my teachers have explained to me that this is essentially God waking me up wanting to connect with me and start to express His Light through me.

For this to happen, we have to change our paradigm for what our lives are about. We must realize that life is about much more than we've been programmed to believe and also understand how much effort has been put into keeping us all asleep.

Peace is our natural state of being and if you are receiving the "wake-up call" early in the morning, you are getting that call for a reason. It's time to allow God to flow in and through you to raise your vibration. When your vibration rises, it's kind of like being in a hot air balloon and suddenly having the ability to see your life and your world from a completely new perspective.

You start to gain wisdom from all the life experiences you've had and become attracted to methods to help you break the cycles of low vibrational behaviors and thinking which do not serve the purpose you are here to experience...and yes, you do have a purpose for being here.

There are many people out there who will tell you - Do it this way. This is the only way.

These are false prophets, even if they are unaware of it. If anyone tries to tell you to follow them and only them, while their intentions may indeed be good, their vibration is still low enough where their ego is engaged and those paths typically feel good for a little while and often implode.

There is no "only way." You have to explore and find what works for you.

Understand that the awakening process is also much like a video game. There is no teacher or "guru" on this planet who can take you all the way there…to the highest level. Anyone who achieves the highest form of enlightenment no longer has a reason to be on this planet. They have graduated.

As long as you are alive, there will be levels of growth, awakening and wisdom.

You have likely been repeating some of the same levels many times and if you are getting that wake-up call, it means it's time to pull out the old game and put in a new one.

Just like starting out with a completely new game with higher levels, there are new skills to learn, new tools to master and yet with this game, you are mastering your Self and your life.

I will be talking over the next several posts about some of the tools you can use and by no means is my list THE list. They are simply tools I have learned that work for me. I hope you gain something from what I share, but if not, go explore and find the solution that feeds your soul.

For when the student is ready, the teacher will appear.



© 2022. All rights reserved.

Jeff Scholl is a Certified Spiritual Life Coach through Holistic Learning Centers and a Board Certified Holistic Health Practitioner through the American Association of Drugless Practitioners.


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