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Exploring Your Inner World

One of the most difficult concepts to accept for those starting out on their journey is that what is happening in our outside world is a reflection of our inner world. Louise Hay taught me over 30 years ago to think of my body as an energy system and for much of my life, it has felt much like an experiment of trial and error.

In having experienced serious health issues in my twenties and the inability of mainstream medicine to tell me why it happened, it led me on a journey through many alternative medicine providers, including chiropractic, naturopathic, ayurvedic, energy healing, etc.

While I certainly learned valuable things about myself from each of these providers, it wasn’t until I started actively exploring my inner world that I finally understood what so many of them had been telling me.

You see, the most valuable teacher we have about what is good for us is our bodies.

I like the picture above as it highlights at least a portion of our nervous system and this system is highly underrated for the function it provides us. Because I am not a medical professional, I only had a rudimentary understanding of the value of my nervous system. I knew it allowed me to feel both pleasure and pain. I also knew it communicated electrical impulses throughout my body, but I had never considered that it functioned very much like an antenna.

Consider that your nervous system is constantly transmitting and receiving stimuli not only from your internal functions and external physical stimuli, but also part of the function of manifesting what is coming into your experience 24/7.

When many people talk about manifesting, they perceive it as something you do like a task, such as when you pray or meditate. But this is not how manifesting works.

It works based on the preponderance of electrical signals you are sending out at any given time, both within and without.

In “Power vs. Force,” Dr. David Hawkins conducted extensive research over a twenty-year period into how people “calibrated,” which is his clinical term for the level of energy they held internally.

For example, alcohol calibrates at a lower vibration and if you consume this regularly, you are lowering your overall vibration which results in making it more difficult for you to manifest the positive aspects you desire. Drugs, violent games/movies and pornography also all calibrate at lower frequencies which when consumed habitually make it almost impossible for you to achieve your dreams.

The irony is that so many of us look to our outside world to change in order for the circumstances of our lives to change. We want our companies, teachers, customers, parents, spouses and children to change so that we experience a different set of circumstances in order to feel better…which is ultimately the desired result of any manifestation, how we feel.

As I wrote in my last post, you have the power to change your world.

I was explaining this to a friend recently and he posed the question to me, “What’s the difference between what you’re telling me and wishful thinking?”

That is an excellent question and completely normal for someone just starting out. But the answer circles us back to a few truths we must accept:

1.       We are always manifesting our reality; 24/7.

2.       What we are manifesting is being transmitted by the collection of energies we are both consciously and mostly unconsciously transmitting.

3.       What we are experiencing is a reflection of the energies we send out on any given topic.

If we believe that our bodies will simply function correctly if we put healthy food into it, that is only part of the energy equation. If we hold old angers, hurt, fears in our subconscious; those energies also have a very dramatic impact on our bodies. If we take in negative energies from our outside world in the form of lower vibrational media; that is also having an effect on our bodies, just as powerfully as if we were drinking toxins.

Most media organizations are all too aware of this and use the collective ignorance of this fact to their advantage. You see, they learned from advertisers who started in radio and television that if they put their message in front of us enough times and in compelling ways, they could get us not only to buy their products, but in some of the early cases, associate the brand name with the product itself. It’s why we say “Q-Tip” instead of “cotton swab” or Kleenex” instead of “facial tissue.” In Texas, many of us learned to call any kind of a soda “a Coke” even if all the machine had was Pepsi or RC Cola.

This is how powerful these messages become ingrained in our subconscious and the advertisers knew that if they could get those messages buried in our subconscious, that “programming” would drive our conscious behaviors. It would become so ingrained that we would come up with our own reasons for why we made those choices.

I encourage you to become very careful and very aware of what you allow to be put in front of your senses on a regular basis, because whatever agenda is being driven from those sources, influences you whether you desire it or not.

To answer my friend’s question about the difference then between manifesting and wishful thinking is that the difference is the balance of electrical signals you are sending out to the Universe at any given time is what manifests your reality on any given topic.

So if you are wishing for a healthy body for a few minutes a day but then look in the mirror or the scale with dismay, you are powerfully counteracting what you wish for. Your emotions are being driven both by what you are experiencing in the current moment and all the evidence you think you have for why you can’t lose weight or have a healthy body.

If you can simply accept that the times it didn’t work before were a reflection of the unconscious signals you were sending out at the time and the behaviors you exhibited, then you can stop beating the drum of the past and focus all of your energy into the present moment.

It is said that “no two things can occupy the same space at the same time” so it’s impossible for you to hold the thought of having something and not having it with belief at the same time.

If you truly want to change your life, you pretty much have to give up what you think you know; because what you think you know is based on vast amounts of evidence when you were moving through your life unconsciously and reacting to the reflections of the energy you were sending out.

As we move through this journey, I will teach you how to let go of all of that evidence and the key to understanding if it’s working is in your inner world. What you experience in your inner world will be reflected to you in your outer world, so the short path is to change your inner world first. The long path is to focus on changing your outer world.

I’m not saying the short path will be easy.

It will be challenging; but it will be fulfilling and empowering for you in ways you cannot yet imagine. Consider that the reason you are reading this material is because your Inner Self is calling out to you to change and grow and this IS a path in that direction.

One thing I will never tell you is that this is THE path. It is a path, which is why my page is called “A Path to Peace,” not THE path. A Hindu proverb taught me that “all rivers lead to the same ocean.”

If this path is calling to you, then perhaps 2024 is the time to move forward. I will start taking on new clients for the first time in several years in early 2024 and I will only have space for a few to start as I am still working a corporate gig.

Whatever path you choose, I send you all light and love for an empowering 2024!





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