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Are you taking the same path?

I entered this year with goals to create more abundance, health and peace in my life. In past years, I focused on the “doing” aspects of creating this, even knowing conceptually that the Creation Trilogy is “Be, Do, Have” not “Do, Be, Have.”

But a lifetime of achievement through doing is a hard habit to break, especially when our society and corporate environments place their focus on this aspect. I have been the beneficiary of many awards and promotions rewarding me for persistent effort, firefighting and overcoming obstacles. Receiving recognition for my dogged persistence of doing made it harder for me to drive an inner change of creating my life through the vibration of Peace.

I think I became addicted somewhat to the feelings of anxiety. I didn’t look at it as an addiction until I heard Dr. Joe Dispenza explain it from the perspective of the cells in my body becoming addicted to certain chemicals released when the body experiences certain feelings. If this interests you, I recommend starting with “Breaking the Habit of Being Yourself.”

Having created a habit of regular meditation has helped me to feel this addiction more than I had before as I could now feel that when I started entering a state of peace, my mind would start seeking out things to feel anxious or excited about. It took me some time to realize it wasn’t the world creating this feeling within me; it was my perception about my world creating the anxiety within me.

I have been writing and teaching spiritual and personal growth for about 18 years and most of what I’ve shared over the years was me teaching what I most needed to learn. I looked out at how others became successful as influencers and subject matter experts. What I perceived from all those I consulted is that in order to be successful and receive abundance is that I had to be out in front of people all the time. I had to overcome the algorithms to ensure my material is in my audience’s face constantly.

To be honest, this feels uncomfortable for me. It feels inauthentic and it feels like what I am seeking to do is to manipulate others into purchasing my products or services through the same methods and techniques that many of us (me included) are seeking to avoid through streaming services vs. traditional TV and cable channels; i.e. commercials.

Advertisers initially learned almost a hundred years ago that if they could put the same idea or product in front of the public over and over, it created a need within the mind of people to buy their product. It became so ubiquitous that most people even today associate the brand names of Kleenex, Band-Aid, Q-Tip, etc. with the product itself.

News organizations changed the way they report news from fact-based reporting to emotional based reporting many decades ago because they learned they could manipulate the populace by triggering emotions within their audiences. Some organizations seek to constantly alarm and enrage their audiences and all of this really goes back to the concept of the chemicals released by the body when it experiences certain emotions.

For if an organization, any organization can create a feeling within you that doesn’t feel good to you and yet you keep tuning into that channel to feel that emotion again and again, they’ve got you. They are controlling your thoughts and behaviors.

I haven’t been active on my FB page for the past few months because I am actively working on my personal vibration. My goal is to become a LOT more comfortable with the feeling of Peace within my body instead of the desire for peace which comes from a place of anxiety.

I am amazed though when I look at my analytics and see increased views and follows even when I’m not actively working it. What it shows me is that many other people are tiring of being unconsciously addicted to emotions that don’t feel good and are ready to enact change in their lives.

There is no right or wrong place to be on your journey to peace.

You are where you are. Learning to love and accept yourself and to understand that whatever your current situation is…is your creation is crucial to being able to change it. Because if you believe that someone else is creating your situation, a government, company, manager, spouse or child is responsible for what you think and feel, then the only way you can change your situation is to change them.

This is almost an impossibility for none of us have the power to truly change another. We may bully or manipulate them into a temporary state that feels good to us, but doing so creates resentment within that person and it will lead to a crisis at some point.

If we are to create Love, Happiness or Peace in our lives, it must become a burning desire. We must be willing to take a different path than we’ve been on and to break the chemical addiction of anger, frustration, disappointment, anxiety, guilt, etc. that has ensured we continue to live the same unsatisfying life over and over again.

There is no one “right” way to heal yourself and I would cautious of anyone who tells you that they know THE way. There is no “THE” way. As a Hindu proverb taught me, “All rivers lead to the same ocean.”

Find a way that works for you. Pray and ask for help and when an opportunity shows up in your life, step forward. It may not be the exact path you need, but that path may lead to a different path which you would never have known about if you hadn’t stepped forward.

Your Peace is waiting within you.

All you have to do to experience it is to decide this is what you want, be willing to let go of the non-peace thoughts, feelings and behaviors which created a non-peaceful life. Letting go of the old helps create new space for Peace to fill.

Namaste Jeff

© 2023. All rights reserved.

Jeff Scholl is a Certified Spiritual Life Coach through Holistic Learning Centers and a Board-Certified Holistic Health Practitioner through the American Association of Drugless Practitioners.


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