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The Power of Energy Awareness

Updated: Oct 14, 2022

One of the most important practices I developed over the course of my journey was to fine tune my awareness of what energy I allowed to become part of my overall energy pattern.

You see, since everything is energy…including us, what we practice at a vibrational level, both consciously and unconsciously is what creates our lives.

I was listening to someone today tell me how worried they were about making a change to work with someone who she felt like “drained her energy” every time she was around them for too long. She had been contemplating leaving her current place of employment where she feels loved and appreciated by her clients and for which the rent had not increased at all this year to go work with a friend and rent a space with her. The problem is that the friend used to be a vibrational match with her, but no longer is due to the growth she’s experienced over the last few years.

I asked her, why would she enter into this situation when just talking about it now is already stressing her out?

The crux of it came down to her not wanting to disappoint an old friend and not wanting to face the emotional upset that is surely to come with that.

But at what cost to her own sanity and emotional well-being?

We often know when we’ve outgrown a friendship, relationship or work situation and the longer we stay in the situation after we know it no longer fits who we are, the more frustrated we become.

It is hard to let go of these situations, because we often don’t want to disappoint others. I know that I rationalized holding on to some familial relationships for years, even knowing that I was the one propping those up. For when I stopped visiting or calling, the other people never called to find out why or to come visit me. I had kept visiting for so long out of a sense of obligation, but also no longer felt I fit with them because I had grown and they had not.

Our planet is going through unprecedented growth and change right now and many, many people are waking up and craving to feel more peace instead of feeling angry all the time. Many people want to feel happy and grateful instead of fearful or sad.

It is important to notice on a daily basis what you are feeling. I posted a feelings chart in Part 2 of this series and a more complete one in my book, “A Path to Peace: A Reluctant Spiritual Journey” available on Amazon.

The more you track what you are feeling, the easier it is to feel the shift upwards or downward for the different energies that come into your life on a daily basis.

As another example, I can tell you that music that I’ve listened to for many years no longer feels good to me if I notice the lyrics are something that no longer reflects the person I want to be. I limit the amount of news I read because so much of it is infused with lower vibrational energies of fear, anger and judgment and some sites are worse than others.

As Joe Dispenza says, “energy flows where attention goes” which means the more you focus on things that make you angry, the more things you will see to make you angry. Conversely, should you choose to start focusing on things which make you feel good, the more of this you will want to experience and the more of it will start to show up in your life.

Music, movies, news, video games, videos (YouTube, TikTok, Instagram, etc.) all have more influence over us than we consciously realize…which is why they pay “influencers” a lot of money.

In all fairness, I am seeking to influence you as well, but my goal isn’t to sell you a product. My goal is to help you awaken to who and what you really are so that we can collectively work together to heal our world.

This week, practice an awareness of what you feel and what may have influenced you to feel it so you can become aware of what is making you feel good or bad.

Wayne Dyer taught me that I could “never feel sad enough to heal another person or feel angry enough to heal our world.”

Only energies such as Love and Peace can heal our world. I hope you’ll join me in making Peace a priority in your life and noticing more and more quickly when you have a brief fall from grace.



P.S. I am going to start a column on my website and all the sites to which I post my articles for free Spiritual Life Coaching help. Still working on a catchy name for it, but if you want to ask a question for help and see it appear in the column, please reach out to me on my website contact page. I have been providing this kind of service for many years in one form or another and my wife suggested I formalize it into a column. Feel free to reach out with a question and I will hopefully provide a different perspective than you’ve considered.

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