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The Power of Visualization

Updated: Oct 14, 2022

How do you spend most of your day? Are you thinking about what you do want or are you reacting to what is happening?

Most of us react to what shows up and do our best to handle it the best way possible.

Many of us do use conscious creation when we start thinking of buying a new house for example. If we use our visualization powers effectively, we think about all the things we want such as the number of bedrooms and bathrooms; how large the rooms will be, how much closet and storage space we will have, how big the yard will be and so on.

If we are reacting from our past however, we may limit ourselves on what we can have and infuse disappointment and pessimism into the process which limits us. After all, we can’t expect that we would send out the thought that we can’t have the house we want and expect that the Universe is going to deliver us the opposite, can we?

If we do not understand this one basic principle, we get caught up in the news about house prices rising, interest rates going up, the stories we hear from others of not being able to find the house they wanted and even our past experiences where things didn’t work out.

If we allow this to be the primary signal we’re sending out into the Universe, it probably won’t work out and if we don’t understand how it all really works, we may become even more disillusioned that it can’t happen for us. When we think this way and feel this way, we are actually proving that all of this is truly how it works!

Because it’s not just about visualization; it’s about vibration. It’s about feeling the feeling as if we have already not only found the house we want, but everything worked out in a way that allowed us to have it.

We have to consciously push the old ways of thinking aside and decide that we are going to do something different. It may help to start with something smaller than a house to gain confidence if needed, but this is truly how it works.

The crazy thing is that everyone I’ve coached had this little voice inside of them telling them about the life they could have and they just couldn’t believe it because it seemed too good to be true.

What is that thing or experience you want, but haven’t allowed yourself to believe it’s possible?

What if the only thing holding you back has been your belief as to whether or not you could have it?

If you knew that, would you work to change that belief?

If so, start today.

What is it that you want?

What does it look like, sound like, smell like and most importantly feel like when you visualize the experience of already having it?

Write all of that out.

As many times a day as you get a chance, read it out loud with as much enthusiasm as possible. Shout it to the heavens and infuse the feeling of having it in every cell of your body. Practice this so often and so much that it becomes a part of you.

Because when you do that, when you feel it in your bones, it’s going to show up in your reality and it’s likely going to come in a way that surprises and delights you.

One note of caution here. I don’t recommend sharing your dream with others unless they share the dream because you want to keep your energy high and your vibration pure with your practice. Many of my clients have told me they shared their dream with their parents, coworkers or others who started telling them all the reasons why it couldn’t happen.

Hearing this no matter how intensely you believe in your dream, will almost certainly hamper your ability in some way or delay it from happening.

That being said, I encourage you to find private spaces and times when you can energize your body with the feeling of having your dream manifest for you. Two of the best times to do it are first thing in the morning just after waking and right before you go to sleep at night. The brain is in a slower frequency at these times of day and more receptive to new ideas and concepts.

This is why I meditate either very early in the morning or late at night as the effects seem to reap more rewards in my life.

I also recommend keeping a journal of what you create so that you can look back in a month or a year and be amazed at all you’ve created. The more you practice this, the more confidence you will develop as a result and most certainly, the more powerful you can become.




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