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The Power of Prayer

Updated: Oct 14, 2022

The concept of surrender means something different to me today than it once did. I used to think of "surrender" as giving in to weakness and that it was my strength that allowed me to carry my burdens. However, many men were taught as young boys that it was somehow heroic to stoically carry those burdens and somehow along the way, it became an unconscious habit which eventually builds into high levels of stress until the body starts to break down.

It takes far more courage to surrender our burdens whether in prayer or meditation to allow our Higher Powers to remove or transmute our emotional energy baggage. We slowly construct an inner energetic prison by holding onto these old emotional energies. Because they carry a vibration within us, they automatically attract similar vibrational experiences to us.

We have to make a conscious choice to decide that the person we have become is no longer working for us...if for no other reason, that it just doesn't feel good.

The first step is really becoming aware that the way we are living isn't working for us and that all the ways we used to numb it out aren't working any longer.

When we have that realization, it can takes seconds, hours, days, weeks, months or years to decide we no longer want to live the way we've been living. But once you have that realization, you can no longer convince yourself that you are a victim of your circumstances.

From that point on, the Universe is waiting for you to make a decision for the person you desire to be.

The ego has been in charge of your life for a very long time and it will not want to give up being in charge, so it will attempt to confuse you and do everything it can to keep you living the way you have.

You have to decide who you want to be in this world and be willing to surrender your old self. While some people have a rapid awakening, this is fairly uncommon. Most people give up their ego bit by bit as it is more comfortable to do this than going "cold turkey."

There is no one "right way."

If you go within and follow your own inner guidance...and as Conversations with God taught us many years ago, the way you tell the difference in that guidance from your ego disguising itself as that is that you will feel the energy from your Higher Self as a much higher vibration (happy, peace, joy) than the little voice you have been listening to for so long.

That does not mean that the guidance you receive won't scare you when you think about it later. All guidance for growth and change pushes us out of our comfort zones.

Which is where Surrender comes into play. I learned many years ago in HLC's "Self-Mastery" course that by surrendering to my Higher Powers in Prayer "allows God to chauffeur me around instead of trying to carry the world on my shoulders."

When you surrender in prayer, you ask God to take these problems from you and when you do it, it is important to truly let them feel relieved when you let it go.

From a physics perspective, the vibration of relief is significantly higher than the vibration of worry. So there is actually a scientific perspective on surrendering your burdens in prayer because then you start to vibrate to the frequency of the solution and let God handle how and when it will come into your life.

Often when we pray, we ask God to take our problems from us, but then we continue to worry about this. This is why surrendering in prayer is important. When you surrender, you give them up.

I have heard many different healers provide visualizations for those of us who are visually oriented. One way is to imagine placing each of your problems in a balloon and seeing it rise up and disappear into a light.

Practice experimenting what works for your to start letting your burdens go. Notice that as you do so regularly, you may be less attracted to some forms of media or other discussions that were in vibrational alignment with the problems.

Let go of all of it and forge a new path forward. The solution is not in your past. Practice the vibration of your solution in your present moments, whether that be Peace, Love, Freedom...or Relief, Contentment or even Hope.

Peace Jeff


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